About Corporate Saral Vaastu

Corporate Saral Vaastu Founded by Dr. Chandrashekar Guruji with extensive research for over 18 years, includes a unique blend of ancient Indian wisdom of vaastu shastra and adopting the principles to modern day business to help them “Enhancing Corporate and Personal Brand reputation, Strengthening Financing Position, Enhancing innovation and creativity, Mitigating Legal Issues, Improving stakeholder relationships, Overall growth and productivity of the company.”

Corporate Saral Vaastu is a part of C G Parivar Group of Companies headed by Guruji and has more than 1500+ professionals who are relentlessly striving with the objective of bringing happiness to the people at large across the world and are staying true to the philosophy “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”, meaning that the whole universe is my family. CG Parivar group is diversified group focusing on the objective of bringing happiness to the people at large in India and globally through their presence across multiple verticals

20 years of Experience
Serving since 18 years with a mission for the Betterment of Mankind

21 States
We are operating from 21 States in India

1500 plus employees

500+ Certified Vaastu Experts

No Structural Changes
No Modification, No Alteration and No Breakages. Saves time & money

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Jeevan Samasya Mukta Gram Yojna is a great social initiative envisioned by Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji for the Betterment of Business. Under ‘Jeevan Samasya Mukta Gram Yojna’ program villages are adopted by C G Parivar and every member of the village will be given Corporate Saral Vaastu to their Home. Corporate Saral Vaastu will help the villagers to improvise their health, wealth, happiness, peace and prosperity and enhances their quality of life. The social project is ‘completely free’ for all the villagers.

C G Parivar’s main motto is to provide solutions to all the problems in life. C G Parivar is acquiring 14 acres of land on the Hubli-Dharwad road for the poor and orphan children’s education. Once completed this facility will be providing residential education to more than 10,000 students every year at free of cost. Guruji also shared his idea about another innovative program, the “SHIKSHAN SAMASYA MUKTA YOJNA”. Under this program, students who are not able to concentrate and study, will be taught the techniques to study and concentrate through Corporate Saral Vaastu. Corporate Saral Vaastu experts will provide training to the teachers in all the colleges in Karnataka, so that they can learn to study the compass and will ask the children to sit in their favorable directions for their betterment.

Our Brands

Saral Vaastu

Unique Solution for all life related problems with over 6 lakhs satisfied households/business owners.


In line with :Law of Nature” whatever you give in to the world, it comes back to you in multi-folds.


India’s 1st regional infotainment channel in Kannada.

Our Verticals


A niche product, software development and infrastructure management company.


100% Corporate Saral Vaastu compliant houses based on date of birth.


Charitable institution focused on to educate over 10,000 underprivileged children, coupled with other charitable trust.