Are You Aware Vastu for Hospitals Enhances Success and Profitability?

Are your patients not feeling comfortable and satisfied with the healthcare facilities offered by your hospital? Is the commitment on the part of doctors and other staff members under question? The reason could be a disharmonious hospital environment, not in consonance with natural and cosmic architecture.

Not only will this impact the wellness and recovery of patients, but also other aspects of hospital administration like Research & Innovation; Reputation; Productivity; Growth & Profitability; Financial and Organizational wellbeing. Vastu for hospitals can be of immense help to build a harmonious and supportive hospital environment. This will not only make the patients feel at ease, but inspire the healthcare professionals to render timely medical care, treatment and services to patients.

Corporate Saral Vaastu maps challenges in different aspects of hospital administration, with the hindrances in the cosmic energy flow at respective zones. As per its philosophy, everything is energy, and every object, article or furniture in living or hospital space has an energy field. Unless and until these objects are in tune with nature and cosmic energy, it will not be possible to effectively address the healthcare needs of patients and make your hospital business a big success.

Following are Corporate Saral Vastu tips for Hospitals that can help create a supportive and positive environment in hospital:-


  • Main Entrance: The main entrance to the hospital should be positioned in any of the four favourable directions as per Corporate Saral Vaastu’s intelligent algorithm based on one’s date of birth. This helps to experience positivity and connection with cosmic energy. The date of birth of the hospital’s owner or the key decision-making person is to be taken into account. Moreover, the entrance should be well-illuminated and wide-enough for cosmic energy to flow in freely.
  • Balanced Energy Flow: Corporate Saral Vaastu ensures a positive and supportive environment in the hospital premises, by balancing the cosmic energy flow. This is done by rearranging the hospital interiors, and changing placement of furniture, articles and objects, and specially energised materials provided by Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji, without doing breakages or renovations. Once cosmic energy is properly balanced will have an impact on various aspects of hospital administration, like productivity of staff members, reputation, patient satisfaction and recovery, profitability etc.
  • Natural Plants & Flowers: Corporate Saral Vastu for Hospitals recommends the use of natural plants and flowers in the reception and waiting rooms for decorative purposes. It helps create vibrancy and positive ambience in the hospital environment. The plants must be well-nurtured and looked after, for a healthy and vibrant appearance.
  • Play Soothing Music: Corporate Saral Vastu for Hospitals recommends playing soothing music tracks in reception or waiting rooms for removing negativity from the hospital atmosphere. As per Corporate Saral Vaastu experts, sound waves and resonance removes all kinds of negativity from the surroundings.


Adopt Corporate Saral Vaastu to attract success, reputation, prosperity and growth of your hospital business!

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