Enhance Business Success with Simple Vastu Tips for Office

When we go through hurdles and challenges in different aspects of business or work life, we often blame ourselves or others. The root causes of them are linked to the workspaces and the environment in which we operate.

Using the Wisdom of Vastu to Attract Customers for Shopping Malls

Emotions play a major role in our shopping experience. Customer’s buying behaviour is linked to the emotions that run through their minds. The environment within and around shopping malls impacts customer’s moods, interests and keenness for shopping. Making use of Vastu principles can help create a supportive, pleasant and harmonious environment, within and around the shopping mall.

Simple Vastu Tips for Hotels to Increase Business Growth

Hotel industry is confronted with several critical issues. Starting from operations to guest relations, managing a hotel involves several challenges. For smooth functioning of various aspects of hotel business, the management and the staff should be in good terms. Moreover, a balance needs to be struck between the expenditures and revenues for profitability.

Are You Aware Vastu for Hospitals Enhances Success and Profitability?

Are your patients not feeling comfortable and satisfied with the healthcare facilities offered by your hospital? Is the commitment on the part of doctors and other staff members under question? The reason could be a disharmonious hospital environment, not in consonance with natural and cosmic architecture.

Harnessing Cosmic Energy to Improve Factory Productivity

Irrespective of the volume of your factory turnover, improving the productivity is necessary for the profitability and competitive edge in the industry. There are numerous factors that impact the productivity on the manufacturing floor like skill and efficiency of workers, processes and machinery. Besides, there are challenges such as:-

Set a Stage to Realize Your New Year Business Resolutions!

Just a few days remaining, before the beginning of the New Year 2019! You must have made some New Year resolutions for your business and looking forward to developing, expanding and growing your business activities. No matter how resolute are your plans and vision for growth and expansion of your business

Successful Leadership Depends on Energetic Balance in Your Office

Successful leaders are like the life force of any organization, guiding its progress and growth through their skills, knowledge, intellect and power. They are the futurists, who could look ahead, and lay down the growth path of their organization. Successful leaders motivate their team to work diligently towards accomplishment of the organizational goals.

How to Boost Sales in a Clothing Store

If you are owning a clothing store, you may be at an advantage as compared to other businesses. Clothing is a perennial requirement of people and hence people look for shops that sell clothes. However, you may face hurdles in attracting customers to your shop, due to which your sales may get hampered.

Convert Your Failures into Success in Business

Are you going through failures and setbacks in your business? It may be in the form of losing a client, unsatisfactory customer feedback or other disappointments. Well, there is nothing to get disheartened, as failures serve as stepping stones towards success and an opportunity to learn from your mistakes in business.

How to Have a Successful Business Partnership

Business Partnership is collaborative business enterprise, where two or more people work together on a profit-sharing basis. Amicable and harmonious relations are the key to performing well in business partnerships. However, most of the challenges in business partnership firms are due to lack of harmony and conflicts amongst partners.