Entrance Direction – Could It Impact Your Hotel Business?

For an hotelier, it is very important to deliver quality service and facilities to its guests for winning their loyalty and patronage. The satisfaction of guests and visitors is always on the highest priority for the hospitality industry. When it comes to satisfaction of guests, hotel infrastructure matters a lot. Unless and until the hotel premises has a harmonious environment that is in harmony with nature, the hotel cannot offer comfort and satisfaction to its guests or customers.


Nature or environment around us is full of energy that can be classified as positive and negative energy. Corporate Saral Vaastu advocates the practice of reducing or doing away completely with the effect of negative energy and in turn spreading positive energy all around. Corporate Saral Vaastu helps to generate a positively charged environment in hotel, where one experiences peace of mind by implementing its simple principles. In order to let the positive energy seep in the hotel, Corporate Saral Vaastu suggest simple, easy-to-adopt, suitable modification and changes. When Corporate Saral Vaastu principles are implemented in hotel, it helps to build an environment that enhances the guests’ experience.


Basis of Corporate Saral Vaastu

Corporate Saral Vaastu solutions are based on date of birth of hotelier and Saral Four Sciences of direction, structure, energy and chakra. Natural energy of the universe is the driving force that is the source of sustainability and order prevailing in the universe. Direction science helps to connect with this universal energy; Structure Science helps to balance this energy; Energy Science helps to enhance this energy and Chakra Science helps to channelize this energy for our happiness and well-being.


Importance of Main Entrance

Main entrance of your hotel is like the mouth of the human body that allows the intake of food and nutrients for the sustenance of the body. If something untoward happens to our mouth, it would become extremely difficult for us to eat or drink. If we are unable to eat or drink then our body’s metabolism would drop abnormally and we would not be able to get any energy to do any task or even survive. As a result our body would become extremely weak and frail. Likewise, the main entrance acts like a ‘mouth’ to the hotel.


Main entrance of the hotel should be easily accessible and welcoming. It is the doorway to wealth, success and prosperity. The main entrance should be in one of the four good directions based on the date of birth of the hotelier. In this way, the hotel is able to absorb natural energy from the universe and create a positive atmosphere inside attracting more customers, prosperity and good luck.



So, if your hotel business is going through losses and/or not able to attract customers/guests and/or improve their satisfaction, it’s quite possible your main entrance is not in a suitable direction. Our Corporate Saral Vaastu experts can inspect your hotel premises and diagnose the directional and structural causes impacting your hotel business. Get in touch with our experts for easy to implement solution and remedies. Email us at contact@corporatesaralvaastu.com and we’ll get in touch with you or call us on +91 7045 015 015.

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