Set a Stage to Realize Your New Year Business Resolutions!

Just a few days remaining, before the beginning of the New Year 2019! You must have made some New Year resolutions for your business and looking forward to developing, expanding and growing your business activities. No matter how resolute are your plans and vision for growth and expansion of your business, your office needs a positive work environment to attract business growth, success and prosperity. It’s time to re-energize and reinvigorate your office interiors for make a positive start of the New Year. Corporate Saral Vaastu brings you to the most promising, cost-effective and simple to adopt Vastu for office and Vastu for business solutions that do not require breakages or renovations and more important is that you can apply this to owned or rental property. Positive results of our solutions could be experienced within 180 days!

Corporate Saral Vaastu is based on Saral Energy, a simple way to connect, balance and channelize the cosmic energy in the office space for harnessing its infinite power. Following are some ways to decorate and rearrange your office interiors for the New Year celebrations:-


  • Remove Unwanted & Unused Items: The first and foremost way to implement Vastu for office is to declutter each and every corner of your office. Old files, papers, waste materials, unused furniture, stationery items should be disposed of. Entrance, reception area, cabins, office furniture should be cleaned properly. Dust particles and cob-webs should be removed at the all corners of the office premises. Corporate Saral Vaastu offers such simple solutions for adopting Vastu for business, allowing the release of cosmic energy trapped and clogged around corners, cubicles, cabins, desks and other places.
  • De-clutter & Decorate entrance, reception: The direction of the main door plays a very important role in organisational growth and prosperity. The direction should favorable as per key stake holder‘s date of birth. The main door or entrance as well as the reception area is similar to the mouth of the human body. The way food and nutrition enters the human body through the mouth, cosmic energy or the universal life force enters the office premises through the main entrance and the reception area. It also creates the first impression of your business enterprise on the minds of visitors. So, the easy way to implement Vastu for wealth and prosperity in your office is to keep the main door and reception well-decorated, illuminated, clean and free of clutter. This will help to attract positivity and abundance of wealth, prosperity, growth and success in the office premises.
  • Choose Right Place for Celebrations: As per Corporate Saral Vaastu, it is necessary to choose the right spot for holding the New Year celebration. The place where party is held for New Year celebrations should be away from the proximity of washrooms or utility rooms. A few rounds of clapping or applauses during the course of the party could help to remove negativity from the office environment. There are simple solutions recommended by Corporate Saral Vaastu for adopting Vastu for wealth.
  • Ward off Negativity: Make arrangements for removing footwear outside of office particularly on the eve of the New Year. They invariably carry dirt, dust, germs and all the negativity from outside and disturb the positivity and sanctity of the energized office environment. As per Corporate Saral Vaastu, this is an effective and easy way to ward of negativity and easy to implement Vastu for Office remedy.
  • Use Natural Lights & Flowers: According to Corporate Saral Vaastu, decorating your office with pleasantly fragrant flowers and illuminating it with natural lights like candles, lanterns or earthen lamps is another effective and simple way to implement Vastu for office.


By following the above simple ways to adopt Vastu for office, you can create a positive atmosphere in office for celebrating New Year. It helps promote unhindered flow of cosmic energy in the office space. An energetic balance is established at all the auspicious zones attracting success and abundance is all aspects of the business, be it Knowledge & Skill Development, Career & Growth, Business Relationships, Finance & Cash Flow, Fame & Reputation, Productivity & Profitability and Business Wellbeing. Within 180 days a positive difference in the overall wellbeing and growth of one’s business can be experienced.


Adopt Corporate Saral Vaastu and set a stage to realize all your New Year business resolutions. Wishing you and your team a Very Happy New Year 2019!

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