Why do you need to follow Vastu?

Every living being on Earth is influenced and guided by ‘Panch Maha Bhoot’ i.e. water, fire, wind, earth, and sky. The key to maintain an equilibrium between these elements is Vastu. It has an encompassing effect on their lives and their environment.

Vastu Shastra’s implementation has been evident in India for more than 4000 – 5000 years today. Even the ancient civilizations of Mohenjo Daro & Harappa have been the practitioners of Vastu Shastra and its various applications.

An amalgamation of Science, Art, Architecture, Astronomy and Astrology, Vastu Shastra is an absolute comprehensive Architectural System. It secures us from all the mishaps that bring in negativity in our lives. Also, it enables the flow of positive energy in our lives through various applications of its own.

Vastu Shastra utilizes following sources of energies:

1) Solar Energy
The energy that is harnessed from the light and radiation of Sun
2) Cosmic Energy
The spiritual energy or primal energy as per the Hindu philosophy
3) Magnetic Energy
The energy that we get from the Earth’s magnetic properties
4) Electric Energy
The energy that we are surrounded with
5) Thermal Energy
The geothermal energy that supports life on Earth
6) Wind Energy
The atmospheric and wind currents that help in continuous flow of energy on Earth

These energies are utilised optimally by directing them favourably based on the person’s attributes (e.g. location, date of birth).

These energies are Vastu compliant and provides us following benefits:



Vastu Shastra is a rational methodology based on scientific approach. This approach is based on the favourable and unfavourable directions of the individual.

Directions make Vastu a logical science to tackle various problems.

Vastu is done at micro and macro level. Correct implementation of Vastu can impact your life irrespective of the size of location/structure (e.g. from large square feet of a land to a small corner of a room).

‘Jal, Vaayu, Agni’, three important forces of nature, when placed in their appropriate directions creates harmony and removes disturbances in and around the concerned person. The correct placement of these forces are of utmost importance to keep the peace and harmony intact in the surroundings.

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