5 ways To Achieve Growth and Profitability In Hotel Business

In order to thrive in the hospitality space and get an edge in the industry, the main challenge faced by an hotelier is to attract more and more customers to the business. The key to achieving growth and profitability in the hotel business is not only retention of existing customers, but also working towards increasing clientele.


Following are some ways that can help to win customer loyalty and attract more customers to your hotel:-

  1. Offer Lucrative Deals and Discounts

    Coming up with exciting and lucrative deals on hotel reservations that is hard to resist can lure customers to visit your hotel. After all, apart from the service and ambiance of a hotel, the price is another important factor that people consider while visiting a hotel.

  2. Try Something Special

    Put in some extra efforts and try to make your hotel look vibrant and cheerful. You can come up with a different theme for every season or special occasion. This will add excitement and zing to the customers when they visit your hotel and encourage them to extend their stay at the hotel.

  3. Increase your Digital Reach

    Since an increasing number of people these days are active on social media, targeting a large number of audience through social networks can increase your reach. Also, you can focus on maintaining your online reputation by taking feedbacks and reviews from your customers, this will help build goodwill. People will have a positive brand image about your hotel when they see the reviews online.

  4. Provide a Hassle-Free Experience

    Nobody likes to be disappointed with their experience of visiting a hotel or a restaurant. Likewise, when a customer is served with bad food, given poor quality of customer service or has a bad experience, they are likely to never visit again. To give your customers a hassle-free and smooth experience, make sure that you provide them with the best services without any compromise. Be prepared and well equipped to arrange for any special events like birthdays, anniversaries or any other function to avoid last minute delays.

  5. Direction and Placement of Reception

    Besides, the above growth strategies one can ensure a positive environment in the hotel by ensuring that position and direction of the reception desk is auspicious for the hotelier. Not positioning the reception desk in an auspicious direction can obstruct the free flow of energy in the hotel premises. This could impact customer satisfaction and patronage and in turn hamper the growth and prosperity of your business. One can allow free flow of energy through Saral Four Sciences (S4S) of direction, structure, energy and chakra that helps one connect, balance, enhance and channelize the natural energy and create a positive ambience over there. With this positive energy in the hotel environment, a noticeable change could be observed in the customer behaviour, not only attracting more customers, but winning their trust, loyalty and patronage.

So, not only could one make use of the above growth and business strategies but also apply the aforementioned sciences to attract more customers. For knowing more about how to apply Saral Four Sciences email us at contact@corporatesaralvaastu.com or call us on +91 7045 015 015

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