Whether you are building, designing, buying, renting, selling, living or working on a premises, Vastu can improve your life in many ways. People usually engage a Vastu Consultants or expert to improve different aspects of their lives in areas such as business, wealth, career, health, relationships and academic achievement. Vastu is committed to helping you by analyzing issues present in your space, making use of the principles of Vastu and offer solutions for improvement.

Sometimes people place greater value of trust than professionalism. Many must have witnessed people receiving improper and even harmful medical attention simply because that person trusts the doctor.

You should approach a Vastu Consultation the same way you approach other professional services. Other professionals as in, Doctors, lawyers, accountants, business consultants, marketing consultants, etc. and just like other professions, they typically acquire this knowledge by deep study of it. Usually, they have a master that has taught them a unique set of ways of practicing their profession.

Though the text they read sometimes dates back to thousands of years, many teachings have evolved to adapt to modern time script. It is quite similar to law schools in the USA, where law students had to read about case laws dates back to the 16th century or earlier.




A Vastu expert will be able to explain the rationale behind every solution they make, and some of the solutions can be very specific. Their advice is based on understanding the principles of Vastu rather than just following what is written in the books. Just as a good doctor can explain the causes of illness as well as the rationale behind the prescribed remedy, a competent Vastu expert can explain why and where is that Vastu Dosh from, why some houses are conducive to the development of positive energy, and why they are recommending certain improvements and what the effect of implementing each remedy will be.


Saral Vaastu Experts


Here, Vastu practitioners vary enormously, as Saral Vaastu experts have 750+ highly trained professionals in their level of expertise and experience as they are trained by Dr Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji. There are very few who use nothing more than Vastu Chart but thankfully, Saral Vastu experts know far more Vastu and can give very specific advice to help you achieve the results which you are seeking.

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It’s a service provided by “Guruji” for the betterment of mankind.

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First and foremost is their level of expertise, the more methods they know and the greater their experience and experience in using those methods, the more likely they are to be able to find out the solution, and other ways to help you that will work and that are practical and scientific.