The way you design your house show off your personality and who you are, but did you ever realized it can also determine how you feel throughout the day? An unstructured and disorganized home can create chaos and cause disturbed peace of mind. Fortunately, this can be changed with a few Vastu Remedies! Infuse feeling of love, prosperity and creativity in your house or workplace by deliberately choosing your favourable colours to paint, placement of furniture and other objects, and natural elements.

Vastu is all about the energy and it tells us that there is energy constantly flowing everywhere. The basic idea is to imitate the natural laws of nature that govern positive energy. To accomplish this, Vastu principle practitioners are based on specific principles of a compass, floor plan, scientific solutions, etc. in addition, each direction in compass is assigned to a specific aspect of your life, which when implemented and activated will balance the flow of energy and activate your chakras.

Energies contain both the negative and the positive. This balance between these two energies is the ideal Vastu application. The proper flow of energy creates positivity, creativity and productivity.

The concept of balancing energy is an age old science. This energy symbolizes life, wealth, health, prosperity and positive energy. If these energies are blocked by obstacles then we can notice it since it will directly affect our lives. The flow of positive energy in our lives can be diminished or improved depending on the flow of energies in the environment we inhabit.

Vastu studies how to help the energies to flow in their best possible way within the house or workplace in order to maximize the life quality of those who inhabit those space. Depending on the placement of the objects and distributed within the house or workplace, this would help or block the flow of energy. Therefore, we need to make sure the objects are placed in its favourable direction.


Energy Flow


Positive energy should also follow a natural flow recreated inside your home. This allows the positive energy to move unrestrained through your workplace to carry the beneficial energy throughout each sector.

If any of the natural element channels the positive energy travels become obstructed or blocked, the energy backs up and becomes stagnant. When the energy flow is out of balance, the creative cycle is interrupted and causes an imbalanced energy cycle that’s either a controlling (destructive) cycle or a weakening cycle.

Implementing the Vastu principles help make up the tenets of Vastu and can go a long way towards improving the flow of positive energy in your house or workplace. With a Saral Vaastu expert’s remedies and solutions, you can create a much more prosperous living.