The architects today have merely looked at the Vastu for malls in the initial design stage, many malls have indeed followed the basic conditions of many good Vastu attributes.

According to Vaastu Shastra every dwelling has an influencing factor of Panch-Bhoota (five elements). Each corner of every dwelling affects one or the other Panch-Bhoota. The way, in which Vastu of homes affects the happiness and prosperity of you and your family members, similarly Vastu for malls or workplace, affects the growth, prosperity and profit of the owner and the employees.

Corporate Saral Vaastu experts provide you with a personalized Vastu chart which is created with the help of your Date of Birth. This chart will suggest you with your favourable directions and colours, etc. implementing those to your business will help you to gain more profit and assured growth. Even a rented shop in a mall can get its Vastu done according to the Vastu without any renovation or reconstruction. Corporate Saral Vaastu expert will suggest you with the Vastu remedies and solutions without any structural changes.

Corporate Saral Vaastu provides solutions for all business related issues such as legal issues, bankruptcy, customer relationship, etc. by using scientific and simple Vastu remedies and solutions without any structural changes or reconstruction to ensure growth and prosperity of your business

Some people agree that if the mall’s interior and exterior have a good Vastu then that can surely attract people for a long period and make their flow of business in balance.

Basically, every corporate organization has to deals with the two primary elements: profit and growth. The principles of Vastu Shastra targets all the elements and gradually works towards the overall growth of the organization and its employees. Every shop owner, management and the board of directors need to ponder over a few Vastu related queries that a Corporate Saral Vaastu expert will have answers, related to the growth of your business.

Whether you would like to build an ideal shop according to Vastu or wish to have a whole mall that’s Vastu compliant, assistance from Corporate Saral Vaastu experts will be all you need. Make contact with ingenious Corporate Saral Vaastu consultants for a great life!

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