Satisfied Beneficiaries of Corporate Saral Vaastu

Mr. H V Bennur took Corporate Saral Vaastu consultation before starting his business which helped him build good client relationship & helped him take his business to the next level.

Mr. Rajendra Dagade was going through financial crisis in his business. After taking Corporate Saral Vaastu Consultation on basis of his date of birth he got relived from his financial crises & got stability in his business.

Mr. Anil Nair took Corporate Saral Vaastu Consultation for his business which helped him build & take his business to the next level.

Corporate Saral Vaastu for Business

The Fact of Business World!

Every businessman’s ultimate goal is to create substantial value consistently and at the same time the world is full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity which leads to legal complications, cash crunch and negative growth. Entrepreneurs are facing many challenges in today’s ultra-competitive world. Most business entities start small and stay there or they fail to grow big.

Drive your Passion!

Remember, owning up your business isn’t just about fulfilling a passion; it’s about knocking down all the unexpected obstacles that come with the territory. If you want to succeed, you need to develop a financial plan, figure out product strategy, marketing strategy, leadership strategy, create a business plan, execution strategy and finally embrace Corporate Saral Vaastu to insulate all your business risks and so that growth & prosperity is protected.

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Free Vastu Prediction

It’s a service provided by “Guruji” for the betterment of mankind.

Steps for Free Prediction

  • Select your preferred date and time
  • Our team will call you via Video at your preferred time.
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Corporate Saral Vaastu for Business

Corporate Saral Vaastu is based on ancient Indian wisdom. Corporate Saral Vaastu is the practice of analyzing and influencing the interaction between people, premises and the environment in order to enhance quality of product or services. It involves proprietary algorithms and individual date of birth & the location of workplace. We diagnose bottlenecks at your home/business place and provide scientific Corporate Saral Vaastu solution for the following assured results.

► Enhancing Name and Fame.
► Strengthening financial position.
► Improving innovation
► Minimizes Legal Complications.
► Enhancing growth and productivity.
► Improved relationship (Employees, Partners, Clients, etc.)

21 +

500 +
Certified Vaastu Experts

6 Lakhs +
Satisfied Clients

1000 +
Corporate Clients

Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji

Guruji has always been intrigued and pained by the challenges mankind is facing. As a young boy of 8 years old, he undertook a selfless task of collecting donations from people to ensure the resurrection of an old temple, which at one point of time was a place filled with positivity and hence brought happiness to people around. Later in 2001, Guruji has founded Corporate Saral Vaastu after years of research

►Founder, Mentor, Visionary & Philanthropist
►A scholar of Civil Engineering & Doctorate in Cosmic Architecture
►Conducts LIVE TV program through various National Channels
►More than 16 Years of experience in Corporate Saral Vaastu Science
►Recipient of 16 prestigious National & International Awards

Serving since year 2000 with a mission for the Betterment of Business


What is Corporate Saral Vaastu?

Corporate Saral Vaastu is based on ancient Indian culture and wisdom. At a time when more and more employers are looking at ways to promote a healthy & energetic workforce, to maximize productivity and reduce absenteeism and long term sickness, it is no surprise that Corporate Saral Vaastu is becoming the new secret weapon of the corporate world.

Why Saral Vaastu?

Today’s business world is full of Volatility, Uncertainty, and Complexity & Ambiguity. And also Competition, Low margins, Liquidity crunch, Manpower shortage, Legal complications. Tried all, everything from Religious to all Vaastu Consultants. But No Strategy or Formula seems to be working .But in our Corporate Saral vaastu, We have assured solution for :- To enhance name & fame To strengthening financial position To enhancing creativity To minimizes legal issue To improve relation with clients and employee Over all growth …

If I take Saral Vaastu in office wIll it be given to my residence also or vice versa.

You should consider residence as well since benefits from streamlining Vaastu is approximately 70% while at the workplace it will be 30%.

Will Saral Vaastu benefit my employees also if I take for my Office?

Definitely the benefits all over-increase in operational efficiency and profitability will benefit every associate. When positive energy is enhanced at work place it will help people to work to the best of their ability which will boost success of organization.

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